Saint Barbara walk near to AlbaRural

Saint Barbara walk near to AlbaRural


Saint Barbara walk near to AlbaRural

The hill of Santa Barbara is near to AlbaRural with a slight elevation climb. It is a walk of 1.9 Km round trip from there, you can view Bordalba and the surrounding area.

We, at AlbaRural, enjoy making this walk frequently and we highly recommend this activity.

This route is rated easy with a slope.

The dirt road for Santa Barbara begins near the outdoor sports court and continues to the top where is located the “pairon” of Santa Bárbara. Spend some time there enjoying, contemplating, the breeze and the ambience of silence. Relish extraordinary panoramic views, the smells of fragrant herbs, and the soaring of eagles and hawks.

When arriving for the first time to the rural house, we recommend that you make this walk to begin to enjoy the natural environment. You can make the walk at any time of the day, but do not miss the sunset or the early morning sunrise. We propose this morning walk before breakfast. Afterwards, enjoy a good breakfast in the rural house.

One of the traditions in Bordalba: Santa Barbara and the Bordalbeños

Every year, all the Bordalbeños go to Santa Bárbara, on a Sunday in May / June, to bless the fields. At this time all the planting of the fields has been accomplished, and the farmers wait to harvest the fields, at the end of June. Therefore, until the moment of harvest the crops remain in the hands of nature with some years providing well and others not.

The local farmers desire reward for the work and effort they have done. This is a common yearning to all. This is a tradition that has been preserved since ancient times, where farmers, neighbors, and visitors, come together to go up to Santa Barbara, and invoke the protection of the crops.

If you are in Bordalba that day or you have come to stay at AlbaRural, do not miss it!

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